Game Changing NFT and it’s Utility — is a semi-gaming platform. It is equipped with advanced DeFi applications to support technical updates.

Professor.Finance platform is a combination of gaming and NFT marketplace. It is a two-in-one platform which offers you to create your own character NFTs. It’s game is very addictive which involves exploring new robber character specifically to execute heists. Users in this platform will be able to mint 1 to 5 characters at a time. Upon minting a NFT, they will receive a random generation character. Assigned characters are totally by chance, you might receive any character with common or super rare traits depending on your luck

During the minting of your character, its avatar will be wearing a mask throughout. When the creation is completed, you can click on the create button, then the mask will disappear and you can see you character.

Once the character NFTs are created, holders of these NFTs can monetize them by trading it in a marketplace. That too, is provided by this platform. Once the sale of 7740 characters is completed, these will be available for trading on It is a huge NFT marketplace for Solana backed NFTs. This will provide our users the facility to easily liquidate their NFTs or trade them for other Solana project’s NFTs.

Besides enabling you to unlock rare NFTs and their trade on, this platform also provides it users with the opportunity to participate in Minobberies. A minobbery is a combination of mining and robbery, a suitable word for the platform. Audience in will be able to participate in a minobbery after holding their NFTs for at least 15 days. is a decentralized governance driven project. Participants will be able to utilize their governance rights to vote for the location and date of the heist. However, the execution of heist and its strategy is automatically generated by the platform, at the moment.

Governance is the main feature provided by this project. We believe that the alignment of participant’s interest with that of the platform will result in long term sustainability. ensures the involvement of its participants in every crucial decision making regarding the platform.

Governance techniques differ from project to project. provides a decentralized governance structure through issuing governance tokens. Audience who have held NFTs for at least 15 days will be able to utilize their governance tokens to participate in decision making. Governance on this platform is done through voting. Any participant can propose a proposal for their ideas. A poll is then conducted among the participants where each of them will vote in favor of or against the proposal. A mutual consensus will be followed to decide the result of the poll.

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Thrillers and adventurers can now create their own characters Professor's agenda is entertainment & financial freedom through NFTs

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Professor NFTs

Professor NFTs

Thrillers and adventurers can now create their own characters Professor's agenda is entertainment & financial freedom through NFTs

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